Trip of Robbers cave

Me and my friend Shivkumar went for an competitive exam to Dehradoon , after the exam there was a lot of time we have for return due to 🚆 train timing so we decided to go for visit any near by place in Dehradoon where we can enjoy that summer day. Shiv called his cousin who lived there in Dehradoon after some wait he came and told us about nearest place “Robbers cave “where  we can visit and enjoy . We were so curious about the place because we both never visited that place. We took a bus and reached there but the place where we have to go was at a distance of approx 1 km far away from the place where bus left us so we start moving by foot and after 7-8 minutes we reached there. The place we’re situated in the velly of hills . We felt amazing in the lap of nature.

Shiv and me in Robbers cave

Enjoying nature….

It was a great feeling….

Beauty of nature

Beautiful Evening

It was a beautiful evening, clouded weather, cool air blowing ,birds flying with happiness ,trees were fully lush green.I was thinking about someone who was so close to me at a time but now there are lots of conditions we both facing don’t know she forget me or pretend but connection broke although every second I m thinking about that person don’t know what is this love or something else but this thing destroying me by inside……😑